Women Finish Third

This weekend marked the last days of competition for the BUCS Southern Premiership and the recently promoted Cardiff Women's Team. In what could have been a difficult first season for the Women they have performed amazingly well and secured a third place finish overall, losing to only Cambridge and Imperial (who have won the league for the last six years).

In a diversion from the standard BUCS format the Women's matches have all been played over only two weekends. With the league consisting of Cardiff, Imperial, Oxford, Cambridge and UCL the logistics of this proved to be less than simply. In the end it was agreed that Oxford would host the first of these weekends while Cardiff would host the second.

Despite having to leave Cardiff very only on the Saturday the Women performed very well at the first weekend. Beat Oxford and UCL by 132-116 and 128-114 respectively. Imperial proved to tough for the Cardiff girls, who slipped to a loss of 129-87. Cambridge was a much closer affair with Cardiff winning the Sabre and Épée but eventually slipping to a total defeat of 117-121.

When it was Cardiff's turn to host the weekend, it was much a case of came again. This meant that Cardiff finished the season with with 4 victories and four loses, enough to safely secure 12 points and the third spot in the league. The ladies will now look forward to what the hope will be another productive year.