Huge Success at AU Awards

The 2013 AU awards proved to be hugely successful for the Fencing Club. Along with with picking up over twenty Colours awards for members of the club. Amy Radford was named as Fresher of the Year and Tom Brien picked up the AU President's Award for Outstanding Commitment. The Women's team also narrowly missed out on retaining their title as Team of the Year.

As is club tradition the night started in Henry's on Park place for drinks before everyone moved on to the Great Hall. After a meal of surprisingly un-shabby proportions (possibly excepting the starter), it was time for the awards to be given. The main body of the awards are the Colours, these are broken down in to three categories: Club Colours for those who have dedicated a large amount of time and effort to ensuring the smooth running of their club or regularly represented Cardiff at BUCS fixtures, Half Colours are given to those who have competed at a national level or represented the Univesity to an equivalent level, final there are the Full Colours these are only given to those who have competed at the highest of levels (international and above in most cases) and have represented their University with distinction. All of these awards are nominated by the club committee and then have to be approved by the Athletic Union. It was an impressive haul for the Fencing Club with the following Colour Awards collected:

Club Colours: Edward Sibert, Joshua Green, Stephen Litherland Lucy Ridsdale, Lydia Fuller, Maximus Eshraghi, Rosie Beeston, Tessa Lomax, Tom Brien, Reggie Chamberlain-King, Timothy Brendler-Spaeth, Tom Rudenko
Half Colours: Elen Tomlinson, George Hawksworth, Oliver Gernon, Rosie Beeston
Full Colours: Amy Radford, Abi Difford

The next award was Club Honours, this is given to one member of the club by nomination of the committee or directly by the Club President. This year's award was given to Chris Wild in recognition of the huge help he has been to the club in driving both teams to their fixtures and helping to collect our piste from London along with his excellent performances while at Cardiff.

This meant it was time for the major awards to begin. These were introduced by Wales and British & Irish Lions Rugby star Jamie Roberts, who was accepting his listing on the Atheltic Union's Roll of Honour. Whereas the colours and honours pick out individuals from within clubs these are given to the most deserving throughout the enitre Athletic Union. Fencing collected their first award of recent years last year when the Women's Team won Team of the Year. It was with the Women's Team being nominated for Team of the Year that we started again; unfortunately they missed out on retain the trophy this year.

The next award in which a member of the club was shortlisted was Fresher of the Year. Amy Radford was nominated for this, due to her excellent performance at the BUCS individuals (where she collected the silver medal) and her performance internationally for GB. When it came to the announcement Amy was lucky enough to win this award, making it the club's first mmajor award to an invidiual in ten years.

The final award of the night was the Athletic Union President's Award for Outstand Achievment and commitment. This award is selected by Athletic Union President, Cari Davies, and is given to the one individual, across the entire Athletic Union, whom they feel has made the biggest difference to their club or performed to the highest standard. Tom Brien followed Amy's lead in winning this award. Cari choose Tom for his continued devotion to the club and student sport over the last seven years.

With the night now finished evveryone moved on from a night, in which the Fencing Club collected the largest number of awards, to the after party to celebrate what has been a brilliant year.