2013/14 Committee & AGM Report

Last night was the clubs Annual General Meeting, the main result of this was the appointing of a next years committee, along with this several other matters were bought up a voted on by the members of the club.

The following points we were covered and resolved during the meeting:

  • President's Report
  • Financial Report
  • Clothing Issues
    • It was raised that the has been substantial issue with the supply of Team Cardiff clothing by Kukri. It was noted that this was the case throughout the AU and efforts were being made to address this.
  • Comments from members
    • It was exoressed that the club needs to continue to invest in new equipment and should seek funding from the students' union and other sources to do so. All committee members fully supported this.
    • On a note related to the above, the club armourer commented that the club urgently needs to review equipment storage as a large amount of the damage to club kit is as a result of cramped storage.
    • A memebr raised the issue of none ideal training times (namely the Saturday session). The chair explained that this has been an issue for many years and several committees had tried to change it. He explained the issues are related to the large number of club bookings across the AU; he also reported the current committee were in renewed talks to change this and these would involve the committee elected at this meeting.

With these issue covered the only remaining point was the election ofnext year's committee. This was carried out via blind ballot and the candidates and results results were as follows:
President: Edward Sibert (Elected)
Treasurer: Amy Radford (Elected)
Secretary: Joshua Green (Elected)
Men's Team Captain: George Hawksworth (Elected)
Women's Team Captain: Rosie Beeston (Elected), Elen Tomlinson
Armouer: Tom Brien (Elected)
Social Secretary: Elen Tomlinson (Elected)

A full copy of the AGM minutes can be obtained by request to the Club Secretary or the Students' Union