Fencing Match Report - Bath Men’s 1st vs. Cardiff Men’s 1st

The men’s 1st fencing team secured second place in the Western A1 league last year, but met their first defeat in the opening match of the new season away against Bath. Despite beating the same team twice last year, and a team of seven experiences fencers, Bath’s addition of several top UK fencers made them too strong this time.

The match started with sabre and this weapon featured the only new addition to the Cardiff team where Josh Green gave an impressive first match. The weapon also included the two Cardiff veterans Tom Brien and Chris Wild. Michael Lundin was substituted on towards the end, but Bath gave a surprisingly strong performance and won the weapon with the score 45-16.

In Epée President Edward Sibert gave an incredible performance, scoring 15 out of the 24 points awarded to Cardiff. Captain George Hawksworth took control in his second bout and gave the team a boost with very entertaining fencing. Epée was by far Bath’s strongest weapon, giving them another comfortable win.

The match had already been decided by the time foil was started, but that did not stop Cardiff from giving it everything. Edward Sibert and Chris Wild both continued their strong performances from previous weapons, winning several bouts 5-0. Timothy Brendler-Spaeth also fenced brilliantly in the very impressive 45-10 victory over Bath in foil.  

The match ended with Bath winning 2 weapons and Cardiff 1. An final score of 100-84 means that Cardiff still has work to do this season, but overall a good performance against one of the strongest teams in the league this year. The next Cardiff fixture is another away game against Southampton on the 30th of October followed by a home match against Aberystwith in November.