About Us


We are the Cardiff University Fencing Club; we cater for all levels of experience from those that have never tried the sport before to the most experienced internationals.
We run two main club training sessions a week during term time on Mondays (17:30-19:30) and Fridays (19:30-21:30), both of which take place at Talybont Sports Centre. These sessions are open to all members of the club.

Training sessions comprise of formal skills training, led by our coach, and free-fencing, during which our profesional coach offers one-to-one lessons. For free-fencing the clubs owns numerous sets of electric equipment (including up to 10 boxes).

The Club has a very rich history of training beginners to a very high standard. To provide the highest level of training for our novice members we run a specific beginners' course which runs for at least six weeks, this is led by our professional coach (Peter Russell). During the course Peter will cover all the basics of fencing and everything else you need to get the maximum possible reward from the sport. At the end of the course we run our traditional Beginners' Competition, the Gwynne Cup, this is a fun event and is meant to give a proper introduction to the more competitive side of the sport. We believe that everyone should be able to join the club and try the sport, to allow this we own a large amount of kit that covers everything needed for fencing, this is all free to use for our members.

The Club currently has three competitive teams, Men's Ist, Men's IInd & Women's Ist, who represent Cardiff University nationally at the British University Leagues (BUCS). These teams have engoyed a great deal of success over the years.