Cardiff University Fencing Club Committee Meeting - 09/10/13


Cardiff University Fencing Club
Committee Meeting - 09/10/13

Edward Sibert - President
Joshua Green - Secretary
Rosemary Beeston - Women’s Captain
Thomas Brien - Armourer

Not Present:
George Hawksworth - Men’s Captain
Lauren Kearney - Social SecretaryA
Amy Radford - Vice President/ Treasurer

Topics of Discussion:

  1. Budget Discrepancies
  2. Kukri Clothing
  3. General State of Club (Socials / Atmosphere etc)


Several people owe the club money for BUCS individuals last year, to be paid ASAP. These people include:

  • Lydia (£20.40) (BUCS)
  • Elen (£31.40) (BUCS)
  • Amy (£31.40) (BUCS)
  • Lucy (£31.40) (BUCS)
  • Stephen (£31.40) (BUCS) and (£14) (LIUF)
  • Reggie (£7) (LIUF)
  • We had -£686.00 at the end of 12/13 Academic Year.
  • HPP has not been paid to the club.
  • The £ 50 deposit given to the Owain Glyndwr (pub) needs retrieving by Max (being looked into).
  • According to the AU, we only applied for £ 332.00, we actually applied for £ 1247.50. This needs to be chased up ASAP with the Union.


  • The committee present looked at designs that Kurki offer.
  • The online customisation system is currently down, on Kukri’s website. We will wait until this is resolved, so that we can decide together as a committee on our next steps with regards to kit.


  • Some of the new members have not paid, as of yet. The committee are reminded to keep pushing this fact at every training session.
  • Welsh Unis, apparently at Bangor this year. There has been no confirmation as of yet.
  • A healthy supply of new members has been observed each week so far.