Committee Meeting Minutes - 13th March 2014

Cardiff University Fencing Club

Committee meeting 13/03/2014


Edward Sibert – President

Amy Radford – Treasurer

Tom Brien – Armourer

Rosie Beeston – Women’s Captain

Lauren Kearney – Social sec

Apologies from George Hawkesworth (Men’s captain) and Josh Green (Secretary)


1) CLUB AGM- booked for Thursday 3rd April 2014, The Board room in the SU. at 19.45. Agenda to be discussed by committee prior to AGM. Notice to be given immediately.

2) KUKRI KIT ORDER- Errors in kit and missing item. Incorrect spelling (JD), Incorrect size (IV), Incorrect item (AR) and Missing item (LF).

a. Because of the initial problems with kukri many emails were exchanged. The original order from Ed was correct.

b. However the final email from Kukri with the order was incorrect, this was not noticed and payment of the completed order took place.

c. Ed Sibert is to contact Kukri and discuss matters with them to see if they can arrange a deal.

3) BEGINNER’S COMPETITION- Afternoon of Wednesday 26th April- as many committee to be there as possible to help run it.

4) CONFIRMATION OF WOMEN’S TEAM MATCHES- Away Bristol Wednesday 19th March, Home UCL Wednesday 2nd April.

5) ATHLETIC UNION BALL- one table of ten has been reserved. Priority given to committee/team players who express interest. Further to that, advertisement will be made to others.

6) CLUB CODE OF PRACTICE- rewritten and submitted to AU online

7) CLUB CONSTITUTION- rewritten and submitted to AU online

8) CLUB RISK ASSESSMENT- rewritten and submitted to AU online

9) INVENTORY- Discussed, last updated in January, but will need doing again, ideally before the next academic year.

10) SOCIALS- Non-alcoholic social was well attended and plans are being made for another. Next social at present is the Varsity Rugby & Lash. Rosie and George to arrange team ‘social’.

11) CANCELLED TRAINING- Friday 14th March- email to be sent to AU to cancel booking. Facebook notice made to inform members. Pete made aware last week.


NEXT MEETING to be arranged after AGM with the new committee 2014/2015 members