Our standard membership (£50), includes use of club kit (subject to availability), access to all weekly Uni training sessions & at Russell Swords, professional coaching, opportunity to access competitions and insurance. If you're a beginner, this membership also includes the professionally run beginner's course & competition.

If you're not a student at Cardiff University, you're able to purchase the associate membership (£60) which covers all the same features as above however you're not able to compete in the University BUCS teams.

If you've purchased a GIAG ticket, you will be eligible to purchase a GIAG-Discounted Fencing Membership (N.B. only available only 2nd Oct - 16th Oct 2017).

Refunds only available if you have made no use of your membership (i.e. not having attended training at the University/Russell Swords, having competed or attended socials)

How to join

  • At the Freshers Fairs - we'll have a stand at both the Sports Fair at the SU & at the Heath Fair on the Heath Partk Campus
  • Online at (if you are not a member of Cardiff Uni & wish to purchase our associate membership, then please register as a non-student here then add the associate membership into the basket).
  • Visiting the finance office on the 3rd floor of the Student's Union
  • Speak to one of our committee members at our training sessions


What's Included

  • All weekly training sessions
  • Full use of club equipment (subject to availability) at training sessions
  • Proffesional Coaching
  • Entry to club competitions
  • Free training at all clubs run by Russell Swords
  • Insurance

For Novices

  • Professionally run six-week beginners' course
  • Entry to our annual beginners' competition (the Gwynne Cup)
  • Plus all other benefits

How To Join

There are several easy ways to join the club:
  • At the Sports' Fayre during Freshers' Week
  • Online at
  • By visiting the finance office in the Students' Union (this is found on the third floor of the building).
  • At any of our training sessions